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FANUC ALFA 1C – 1997 Wire cutting EDM machine (SOLD/VENDUE/VERKAUFT)

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FANUC ALFA 1C Wire cutting EDM machine

State: Machine still working by customer and well maintained.

Important service was made by FANUC in 2014 (seal blade kit, grounding cable, axis variation, tube,…)

The customer supply with the machine (see pictures) 2 guides 0.3mm, 1 set of guide 0.25mm, 1 set of roller, bearing for roller, 1 box of 2 filters, 8 spool 0.3mm.

X-Axis Travel (mm):
X-Axis Travel (mm):
X-Axis Travel (mm):
Worktank length:
Worktank width:
Worktank height:
Max. workpiece length:
Max. workpiece width:
Max. workpiece height:
Max. workpiece weight:
Taper angle/height:
Automatic Wire Feeding:
Length x width x height:
Weight (kg):
Worked power hours:

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