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MITUTOYO MODEL 364-170SY / QVT1-X302P1L-D – 2016 Vision Measuring Machine

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MITUTOYO MODEL 364-170SY / QVT1-X302P1L-D – 2016 Vision Measuring Machine
Year: 2016


Measuring Range:

SingleSensor XAxis 300mm Y Axis200mm ZAxis 200mm

BothSensors XAxis 234mm Y Axis200mm ZAxis 200mm



Scale Resolution:


Drive Mechanism:

Full CNC



E1 X,Y (1.5+3L/1000) µm E1 Z (1.5+4L/1000)µm E2 XY (2+4L/1000) µm

MeasuringAccuracyTouch Probe:


E1 X,Y,Z (1.8+3L/1000) µm

Max Work piece:


Stated accuracies are at 20°c with the resultant in microns bandwidth, where L is the measured length in millimetres.


Powerful CNC-operated systems for intelligent, easy and fully automatic measurement. Offering a variety of filtering functions for reliable measurements


Floor-standing models with 4-colour LED coaxial and ring lights to meet the highest demands in image-processing measurements.

Particularly suited to economically measuring large work pieces either in production or a controlled environment

•     Manual or CNC operation

•     Equipped with TP20 touch probe

•     MCR20 probe change rack included

•     Triangular pattern focussing for low-contrast surfaces

•     Programmable magnification changer 1X, 2X and 6X

•     High-precision interchangeable objective lens system, with 1X and 2.5X supplied as standard

•     High-resolution CCD black and white camera

•     Scale Resolution 0.1 μm (0.0001 mm)

•     User-friendly QVPAK software

•     One click tool technology for optimum edge detection

•     Flexible QV Basic programming language.

•     White LED transmitted stage light

•     White LED coaxial light

•     Programmable four-quadrant white LED ring light

•     Machine dimensions and weight (including stand)

•     Width = 859mm

•     Depth = 951mm

•     Height = 1609mm

•     Mass = 360kg